Terms and Conditions of Use

Revised November 28, 2019

This Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms and Conditions” ) provides rights and obligations in relation to the use of the service between our company and you as a user. In regard to use this service, you need to read thoroughly and agree with this.


This Terms and Condition will be applicable to all relationships regarding to the users and our company in using this service.


The following terms used in these Terms shall have the meanings specified below.
(1) “Terms and Conditions of Service” means this Terms and Conditions of Use of this service which concludes between our company and users.
(2) “Our company” means prbase Limited.
(3) “This website” means the website which we operate and its domain is “newsrelea se/”
(Regardless of any reasons, if our website domain or contents are changed, they will be included after the change.)
(4) “User” means an individual or corporation who uses this service.
(5) “This service” means our news distributing services. (Regardless of any reasons, if the name of our services or contends are changed, they will be included.)

Amendment of Terms and Conditions

We will be able to amend this Terms and Conditions without users’ prior approval; users shall agree with this. The amended Terms and Conditions becomes effective when the services are offered.

How to handle user’s information

In regard to handle our company member ‘s user information, we define the Privacy Policy. Members shall agree with our company handle member’s user information.


The copyright and intellectual property right of this service shall belong to our company.

The copyright and/or intellectual property right of the information we provide through this service shall be belong to the relevant third party.

Prohibited Acts

In using this service, members shall not engage in any of the acts below, nor in acts our company deems as corresponding to the below.

(1) Any actions in violation of laws or actions related to criminal activity,
(2) Any actions overburden this service’s network and/or the systems,
(3) Any actions our company judge inappropriate.

Change of Services

Our company will be able to change and/or discontinue the contents of this service at ant time with our sole discretion.

Our company will not take any responsibilities for users’ damage and/or loss that occurred from this measure stated in this term.


Our company, for any reasons, will not take any responsibilities for the user’s damage from the use of this service and/or the user is unable to use this service.

Our company will not guarantee the suitability of the operation of this service and the using devices at all.

Our company will not guarantee the integrity, accuracy, legality, and advantage of this service, and will not guarantee them from the information obtained from this service.

Our company will not take any responsibilities for any losses from lowering display speed and distractions caused by excessive access and/or other unforeseen causes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

1. This Terms and Conditions and service contract shall be accordance with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in People’s Republic of China.

2. In case a dispute arises regarding this Terms and Conditions or Terms and Conditions of Use or any related disputes, users shall be subject to be the exclusive jurisdiction of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.