Revised on November 28, 2019

We prbase Limited (as “We”), define the protection of the personal information policy and establish the systems of that, and strictly comply with the importance of the policy and commit to adhere the policy to protect personal information with all our employees.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is the information related to an individual, which includes the information identifies the specific person, such as, gender, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address, bank account number, and/or other information that identifies a specific person.

Control of personal information

In order to maintain customers personal information updated and accurate, and to prevent unauthorized access, lost, hurt, falsify, or leak, our customers’ personal information, we strive to maintain our security systems, control our structures, ensure employees’ education , and administer other necessary measures, we implement the security measures to protect and control customers’ personal information.

Purpose of using personal information

Under our services, we obtain and use your personal information in lawful and appropriate methods for the following purposes. Also, without your advance agreement, we will not use your personal information for the purposes that are not applicable to the followings.

1. To provide, operate, and maintain our services

2. To maintain safe environment to use our services

3. To examine our services, collect and analyze data to maintain our better services

4. To call or send e-mail in order to contact you and provide our information, and/or to answer your inquiry

5. And other purposes that associate with from (1) to (4) above

If you do not wish to share your privacy information with your own judgement, we might not be able to contact you and provide our services.

Prohibition on provision or disclosure of personal information to a third party

We may disclose your information,

1. where it is used as “Statistical date” that will not identify individuals

2. where we are legally required to do so in order to comply with applicable court order, public authorities, police and/or such representatives

3. where in imminent danger of life, physical condition, and/or property, and it is difficult to receive your approval

4. where we have received your approval of the disclosure and/or its use of your personal information

Non-disclosure agreement with partnering companies in providing and/or escrowing information

Unless there are justifiable grounds for doing so, the personal information you provided will not be shared with third parties excluding for our subsidiaries, entrusting or partnering companies, and business successors of our company or our subsidiaries.

Security of personal information

For the personal information stored into auto processed system, by taking rational technical methods, we are committed to prevent risks, such as unauthorized access, lost, alter, and leak of the personal information.

Personal identification

If you wish to inquire and/or revise your personal information, by contacting yourself to our designated section, we will deal with it rationally. Also, if it requires to revise the information, we will deal with it after we positively identify yourself.

Compliance of laws and regulations and review

Along with complying to laws and regulations regarding to the personal information we keep; we will review and improve the above contents appropriately.


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